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Using Jumper Cables to Start Your Car

Connecting jumper cables to start your car is a very easy process. Prior to a jump start, make sure that the battery terminals are free of acid corrosion.

Next, bring the vehicle being used for the jump start close to the side of the battery in your car and proceed to connect the jumper cables. It’s crucial that you use the same color-coded cable on each end. 

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Jeep Compass Interior Features

When you are looking for a popular SUV that looks as good on the inside as it handles on the road, you cannot go wrong with the Jeep Compass. With four stylistic options available — Limited, Trailhawk, Latitude, and Sport — you can be sure this is one of the more stylish SUVs on the market today.

The Jeep Compass gives you a choice of four options for its design, with a choice of leather or cloth seats with different stitching options. 

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