Safe Driving with The Chrysler 300

If you're searching for a full-size luxury sedan with impeccable styling, outstanding performance, and superior safety, then look no further than the Chrysler 300. What's more, this vehicle's Uconnect system allows you to take advantage of navigation, entertainment and, most importantly, safety features by using either your voice or the easy-to-navigate touchscreen.

One safety feature available through Uconnect is Android Auto, which lets you devote your full attention to the open road. Through touchscreen or voice recognition, you can get directions, check out the weather or ask Google questions, and it's no problem to have Android Autoplay your favorite driving songs.

Also, through the Uconnect System, Sirius XM Guardian is a useful link between you, the vehicle and the outside world. You can use it to contact roadside assistance, receive security alerts if someone is trying to break into the car or to start your vehicle remotely.

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