What kind of airbag technology does the Chrysler Pacifica have in place?

Airbags became mandatory in all cars in the 1980s. After the first airbags proved an effective limiter of car accident injuries, new technologies developed to enhance the qualities in select vehicles. One of the principal reasons the Chrysler Pacifica won the Safety award in 2017 was it extensive use of airbags to protect every occupant.

In the Chrysler Pacifica, the most important airbags are a dual stage. These types of airbags have two separate charges, one much lower than the other. The seats have occupant sensors that register the weight of the occupant and send that information to the car’s computer. In the case of an accident, the computer considers the weight of the occupant before activating the bag saving many children from airbag caused injury.

We can demonstrate how the Pacifica considers weight when deploying airbags at Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.



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